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Architractile is popular tensile fabric structure and canopy manufacturers in India.  Architractile is best known tensile fabric architecture in India last few decades. Tensile fabric canopy is most demanding structure in Indian continent. Tensile fabric India is used in various application like as a roof, canopy, shading, building, texture,  ceiling, covering, facade, shelters and textures. We are offering best tensile fabric roof cost in India. We have best structure designs of tensile fabric structures in architecture. We have best design and quality tensile fabric material used in manufacturing of tension fabric canopy in India. 
Fabric structures are tensile structures that "stretch" a membrane to a three-dimensional surface that can be used to build a canopy, ceiling, covering, façade, shade, shelters, textures, roof, shading, or decorative portion. Many tensile fabric structures described as 'modern tabernacles' are of low material content relative to other construction types and are usually transparent. Still, they provide little thermal weight of isolation.
The membrane usually consists of a woven base clothing coated on either side and retains stress forces exerted by a structural structure or cable system. Contrary to traditional roofing schemes, structures of fabric may cover vast areas without columns. This makes them perfect for buildings like sports faculties, auditoriums, shopping malls, transport exchange, etc. They can be constructed relatively quickly and relocatable to temporary purposes, which means that buildings such as circus tents or military uses are connected historically. We are the Manufacturer, Designer, Contractor, Dealer, vendor, Architect, design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation Company of fabric structures and tensile fabric structures.
The origins of the material systems can be dated from the ice age and Siberian Steppe for more than 44,000 years, where traces of primitive shelters built from animals wrapped between sticks have been discovered. Tensile fabric structure manufacturing systems have been built and flourished mainly in areas with limited material or survival, all exacerbated by low rainfalls—the tent developed through the years into an emblem of frivolity from these strictly utilitarian beginnings. Tensile fabric roof Manufacturing systems were almost exclusively recreational and were implemented in ways that were contradictory to their practical context, rather than for military purposes.
This had to improve in the 19th and 20th centuries when architects were influenced by scientific breakthroughs of architectural philosophy and structural engineering on a modern functional aesthetic. It led to remarkable designs synonymous with modern industrial systems as the Hajj Terminal roof at Airport Jeddah, Millennium Cathedral, and Denver International Airport. The architect Frei Otto started an intensive analysis of the design values behind a new generational structural building.
The earliest fabrics were composed of direct, animal, or vegetable membranes. Subsequently, these membranes were cut into strips and twisted into more comprehensive, more functional textiles and gradually twisted into circular parts, which allowed the development of versatile, continuous, high-strength fibers. The first fiber to be structurally durable was cotton, but new fabric structures appear to be manufactured in polyester or PTFE coated glass. Topcoats of PVC-coated polymer lacquers (PVDF) improve their 'cleanability' and offer additional protection. This material will last 15-20 years or around five years in places where sunlight is heavily exposed in average climates.
PTFE coated glass fabric is costly but stable and long-lasting and can last between 30 and 50 years. It also benefits from low maintenance and self-cleaning. In recent years, high-performance materials such as silicones, PTFE fiber, ETFE film, laminated open grids, separated and phase changes materials remain industry norms for PVC coated polyester PTFE coated glass. These tensile fabrics are available in various thicknesses, weights, Colors, and translucencies (sometimes known as structural membranes or architectural fabrics). See the development of structural membranes and architectural fabrics for more detail.

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