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Architractile is manufacturing tensile fabric structure from many years through our excellent working with latest technique. Our group of architects, engineers and contractors is continuously worked on providing innovative tensile structure design. These tensile structures are applicable at different places for home purpose for industrial purpose. The tensile structure is mainly demand for shading different area with innovative design. These are installing at entrance, car parking, canopy, auditorium, swimming pool, and at different places. We are team of expert of tensile structure that perform various activities includes designing, sail fabrication, installation and after sale service.

The tensile structure is new for Indian market but highly appreciated due to its durability and innovative design. These are available at reasonable cost when compares to its features. We have wide range of tensile structure in India. We are the manufacturer of residential and commercial tensile structure. We deals in different types of products includes walkway structure, tensile umbrella, tensile gazebo, awning shade, tensile structure, swimming pool enclosure, tensile roof shade, shade sail, auditorium covering.

We are here to provide tensile structure design and solution in India. We are well stabilizing tensile architecture company. The fabric architecture is highly in demand due to its unique features. We are here to provide different tensile architectural solutions.

Are you looking for the project solution?

Architractile is here to provide different structural solution like tensile car parking shade, tensile structure, tensile pool enclosure, tensile fabric structure, walkway tensile covering, tensile umbrella, polycarbonate covering sheet, tensile Gazebo, tensile canopy, tensile awning, tensile roof shade, tensile sail shade, tensile auditorium covering, tensile badminton court cover, tensile umbrella and many more demand related to covering an area.

Tensile structure application

These are ideal structure to be built at different places. These type of structures carrying only tension without compression and bending. These structure are commonly found at different places includes warehousing, sports areas, storage building and at large scale exhibition. These structures are easily applicable at different places. These structures easily install on entrance, retail, walkways, carports, landmark and etc.

Benefits of tensile fabric structure

  • Long lasting durability
  • Light weighted structure
  • Cost effective
  • Requires less maintenance cost
  • Easy to span for large coverage
  • Flame retardant
  • Weather proof
  • Incredible design
  • Environmentally sensitive
  • Material are recycle

Architractile process to improve your project

We are here providing different service and different steps to improve our quality of tensile structure. The important step includes design, engineer, fabricate and build.

  • In designing process, we focuses on discovering the suitable design, type of fabric useful for project, suitable size, reasonable costing, analyses the design and find critical facts, building load and logistic. We are continuously worked on improving the quality and design of different projects.
  •  In engineer process, our expert analysis all the aspects of projects. Our architecture makes detailed study of project to meet high standard at reasonable cost. We continuously work on improving high quality of material with safety and long term durability.
  • In fabricate process; we work on manufacturing innovative tension fabric. We work on different membranes material like PTFE, ETFE, PES, and PVC. We focus on the fabric that is easy to pre-fabricate and able to cover a large area. Our aim to provide the best membrane that is free from any maintenance cost.
  • In our build process we focus on build different tensile structure in best way. We work on different aspect of building may be for small or large area. We have team of expert installer to [provide incredible design at desired places.

Architractile is one of the best in providing different types of tensile structure design and solution in India. We believe in providing best solution for different roofing or shading structure at best price. We use high quality of material that provides long life to any structure.

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